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Wilcompute Launches Business Intelligence Dashboard
The Business Intelligence Dashboard is the first solution to bridge the span between closed financial history, and open potential opportunities data.
Why won’t my WordPress cron job run!
Have you ever wanted to setup a custom WordPress cron job that uses WP functions, but didn't rely on WP's built-in cron function? Of course you have!
EasyAbode and the Foundation of Focus
This second installment in the EasyAbode and the Surprising Startup Scene series is all about focus. What’s the main problem that you’re solving for your customers? What’s the mission that drives you in creating a new startup? This is how I’d define your focus. A lot of people have the impression that your focus, because it’s so central to your service, should be unchangeable.
EasyAbode and the Surprising Startup Scene
EasyAbode. Homebuying Made Simple. Have you ever had a killer idea for a new startup? A service? An app? Then you're in the right place. Over a series of articles, I'm going to share my (mis)adventures in the startup scene, and document the surprises I've come across throughout the process of founding a new business.
Excel CSV and the Dreaded “SYLK” Error
Don't freakout, it's only a SYLK. “Excel has detected that filename.csv is a SYLK file but cannot load it.” If those words strike fear into your heart, you’re in the right place. This little tip will have your CSV file up and running without errors in no time. Turns out SYLK stands for Symbolic Link. Your file is telling Excel that it’s SYLK from the first few characters.